Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Sponsored video: toys, iPads and an ingenius game involving a can

I come from a generation where an Apple was something you ate, a Blackberry was something you put in a crumble and a Mac was something you wore to keep the rain off.

Children's games were much simpler then and when I was little we used to do something called Playing Out. Even though we lived in a street of terraced houses with no playing fields or playgrounds within walking distance, playing out was still something we did and our favourite game to play in groups was called Kick the Can.

It was a simple enough game where we....erm, kicked a can. There were no rules as such, just a can and a group of kids with too much energy. It kept us occupied for hours. Happy days.

These days children are a little bit more high-tech and I know from my experience of using iPads in the classroom that children have a natural ability with technology. Children as young as 4 are using iPads at school now, and they're not scared of it in the way adults sometimes are. Children will happily navigate their way around various games and apps with only enjoyment in mind.

Now Mattel Apptivity has introduced an innovative way for children to play.  Their Apptivity toys interact with a free downloadable app when placed on the surface of an iPad, which I'm assured won't be damaged by the toys. Choose from Batman, WWE, Fruit Ninja and Hot Wheels and if you're a fan of Angry Birds there's an interactive King Pig character!

I wonder if Mattel would be interested in my idea of an interactive game of Kick-the-Can? Just a thought.

This post is sponsored by Mattel