Sunday, 2 September 2012

The gardening bug

I think I might have fallen in love with gardening.

I know I'm a bit late to the gardening party, but I've spent the summer pottering around in my new(ish) garden trying to figure out what the plants are, which of them are staying and trying to figure out what I should be doing. But most of all I've been loving it.

Last week, for instance, I decided I need to sort out the area to the back of the garage which was a bit of a mess. It's a good spot for a utility area so I tidied up, recycled a small greenhouse rack into shelving and set up a potting bench.  This garden didn't have a washing line , so I also bought a small rotary washing line and set it up near the new utility area.

I bought the bench from Homebase for £30. To be honest it's not the best quality but it will do for now. My brother put it up for me and I used two coats of Wilkinson's 'Willow' timber stain to brighten it up a bit.

Then it was a matter of identifying some of the plants. I took to twitter and Facebook to ask about these two and had the answers within minutes:

This is such a pretty shrub, quite tall (maybe 5' tall?) with these very delicate drops of pink/green flowers and leaves. This one is definitely staying!

This is a low, compact and very thorny shrub which had beautiful small red flowers in the Spring. Then I  noticed these small fruits and thought they looked like quince and it turns out that's exactly what they are. Gorgeous, another stayer.

And today I've been planting. A white azalea near to the potting bench in a gap in the border left by a tree that fell down in the storms last winter. I also bought some allium bulbs from a local independent garden centre. After looking at allium bulbs online and baulking at the prices (£10 for 3?) I bought 6 today for 45p each. 3 of them are Allium Christophii and the others are Allium Aflatuense - or farty plants as Tall Daughter called them!

I've enjoyed these six weeks off work, it's given me some much needed quality time with my garden children. Alas, it's back to work tomorrow....