Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Decorating children's bedrooms

Decorating children's bedrooms is always fun, but since my girls were little home decorating has changed quite a lot. For a start, there's a much bigger range of paint colours and finishes nowadays, a better choice of lighting options and a huge range of wallpaper designs to choose from.

Before the Teenager was  born I decorated her room in a bright yellow with stencilled butterflies around the walls, it took me ages to do but I thought it looked nice. Things have moved on since then and stencils are seen as a bit old-fashioned (and hard work!) so if I was decorating a toddler's room again I'd be using something like these fantastic children's wall murals.

Swirly mural, perfect for Tall Daughter's room

Since moving house a year ago we've I've been busy decorating. The first room I decorated was Tall Daughter's bedroom, and since she's now almost 13 (next month - eek!) she had very specific ideas about how she wanted her room to look. She chose a colour scheme of blue and pink with white furniture, framed photos and lots of cushions. It's a pretty room but just recently she has been asking for a feature wall - something colourful but in keeping with the rest of her room and I think this Swirly mural would be perfect.

Of course, the Teenager has also decided that she also needs a mural. Needs, not wants you understand.  I can't show you the one she likes because so far she's chosen about half a dozen and the list keeps changing.  Suffice to say, there's something there to suit everyone's taste.

 Now, I wonder which mural would look good in my new study...