Monday, 22 October 2012

Sponsored video: Who would you turn to in a crisis?

Who would you turn to in a crisis? A friend? A relative? Or what about a stranger? The fact is that many of us count on the help of strangers in some of the most difficult circumstances.

The first time I saw this ad about the British Red Cross on the telly I thought it was a trailer for a film.

Have you watched it? It's brilliantly done.

But even though the video scared the bejaysus out of me real life can be so much scarier. A crisis usually happens when we least expect it, and it can happen to anyone - and that's when the Red Cross can help.

Now, I don't know about you but I assumed the Red Cross worked mostly overseas. No so. Last year, more than one million people in crisis in the UK were helped by British Red Cross. Their help ranges from offering short term care to vulnerable people in their own homes, to giving essential first-aid training, to giving practical support to the emergency services at the sites of major incidents (floods, house fires, road accidents).

The British Red Cross is a volunteer led organisation, and for more information on the British Red Cross and how to apply for a job or volunteer, have a look at their official website.

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