Saturday, 13 October 2012

Strictly v X Factor: no contest!

Saturday evening is light entertainment central in our house, and we love nothing more than sitting together and watching tv. And at this time of year we like to settle down to watch Strictly Come Dancing followed by the X Factor.

Last weekend we watched the first two episodes of Strictly and loved them. This year's line up is pretty impressive with two Olympic athletes, a former supermodel, a Bond actor and two pop stars.

And of course there's always one celebrity who looks set to be the butt of the judges' wrath. In previous years it's been Russell Grant (who I actually really liked), Anne Widdecombe and John Sargent, and this year it looked like former Emmerdale actress Lisa Riley was going to be the 'joke' dancer. But wow! Who would have expected this:

What a showstopper!! She's a great dancer with natural rhythm but more than that, she looks like she's having a whole lot of fun. Go Lisa!

We'll be watching again tonight and rooting for her again. Who's your favourite on Strictly?

Oh, and as for the X Factor - after last week's Saturday show (which was so long I almost lost the will to live) and then the usual theatrics at the end of Sunday's voting show we won't be tuning in again.