Friday, 12 October 2012

Teenagers, birthdays and a whopping great anniversary

One of the best things about owning a dog is that you get lots of thinking time.

When I'm out with Tessie, that's my quiet time. My time to reflect on things that are going on at home, at work or even just to think about nothing and relax. A lot of my 'walking' time with Tessie recently has involved walking to the nearby park and sitting on a bench while she runs around - but even so, it's very welcome time to just be still and quiet. Away from the laptop, television and phone....

...and just breathe.

Just recently, I've been doing a lot of thinking about some significant events coming up. Next month both of my girlies have landmark birthdays: Tall Daughter turns 13 (another official teenager, yikes!) and The Teenager will be sweet 16.

Both girls are now very tall and beautiful, and yes I know I'm their mum but they are. Trust me, they just are. They also work hard as school, and have grown into very lovely, kind and thoughtful young women which makes me ridiculously proud of them.

And then in January there's a less happy, but still significant anniversary: it'll be my 10th year as a single parent. Ten years. Ten years?! How the hell did that happen? In all honestly it's quite hard to get my head around, and I'm not even sure how I feel about it. I mean, ten years raising two children on my own - how do you mark such an event?

Should I celebrate it? Well, it is an achievement when all's said and done, but I'm not sure celebrating is exactly right. It's been a time of some jaw-dropping lows, financial hardship and difficult personal circumstances but there's also been plenty of high points too. And there's nothing like realising you've raised two frankly brilliant daughters on your own to make you feel that you've managed to get something right.

So what should I do? I feel it should be marked in some way, but apart from getting outrageously drunk and falling over I'm not sure what else to do. That's where you come in, dear reader, what would be the best way to mark such a thing? Go on, I'm listening...