Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Falling out of love with blogging

Compared to a lot of people I live a fairly low-tech life. I don't had an iPhone, an iPad or and iPod. In fact I don't have an i-anything.

I have a BlackBerry, with only application (Twitter).  I use a 5 year old Macbook which I bought second hand. It works, which is all I need, as does my equally old pc although it's quite temperamental and occasionally makes me want to throw it through the window.

But despite all of that I spend an inordinate amount of time online. Too much time in fact.

My problem is that I'm very easily seduced by the internet and even the need to send an email can result in several hours passing by before I'm back in the real world.  There's so much to fill my time - blogging, tweeting, on Facebook, trawling the 'net for interesting reads, online shopping and God knows what else. And when I'm away from the laptop there's always the flickering red light of my 'phone to entice me. But all of these distractions prevent me from acknowledging the gaps they fill in my life.

I live with my two daughters (and my brother when he's home). I work part-time. I rarely go out. And for most of the time I'm content with that, but a disproportionate amount of my time at home is spent online and it's not as if I don't have other things to do. Or things that I should  be doing where it not for my internet habit. I'm guilty of  neglecting certain parts of my life and it feels like the right time to pay them some attention.

Since writing about the big anniversary I have coming up in January,  I've been mulling over some other things too, and mostly about whether to continue blogging. I have really enjoyed blogging over the past 4 and a half years, but just recently I've become less enamoured with it.

A combination of the competitive element of blogging (rankings, awards and so on) as well as the increase in the number of social media elements just to maintain a blogging 'profile' (Facebook, Technorati, twitter, Pagerank, Edgerank, Klout, LinkedIn, Google+, etc..) has taken the fun side out of it all and has left me feeling, well, jaded I suppose.

Added to that, the fact that my anonymity has all but vanished and with it the pleasure I had in writing freely.

All of these things have pretty much convinced me to wind this blog down. I think it's run its course, and I need to take a break, spend more time in the real world, and then (perhaps) start again.

I'll keep this one going until Christmas, but after that who knows.