Thursday, 27 December 2012

Guest post: Single parent resolutions for 2013

New Year Resolutions are usually based on things we feel guilty about. Smoking, not doing enough exercise, swearing too much – these common offenders regularly appear on our lists. By February, most of us have slipped back into bad habits.

With Christmas nearly upon us, now’s the time to think about the New Year. As a single parent, what would you like to change about your life in 2013?

1. I promise to start saving for Christmas early

This time of year can be a strain when there’s only one income coming into the household. With toys, food and all the festive trimmings to buy, the pressure’s on to create a magical Christmas for the kids without breaking the bank.

However, Christmas doesn’t have to cost the earth. Although January may seem early to start saving for the following winter’s celebrations, you’ll be amazed how much you can squirrel away between now and then. If there’s space in the house for an early visit from Santa, take advantage of the sales and buy decorations and stocking fillers while they’re going cheap.

2. I promise to have more ‘me’ time

It’s hard to get some time to yourself when you’re constantly running round after the kids. The school run means no morning lie-ins and you’re lucky to relax in the bath for five minutes before there’s a little knock on the bathroom door.
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It’s important to make some time for yourself. After all, you deserve a little time off. Dedicate an hour or so every week to shut out the world. This could be on your lunch break with an engrossing read or a pamper session with friends while the children are at a sleepover.

3. I promise to give dating a go

This one may not be for everyone. However, if you do want to date again, there’s lots of ways to make it easier. Your time is precious so save yourself from no-hope dates by starting the search online.

Websites like eHarmony are ideal for single parents, as you’ll meet people who will understand your situation. Being matched based on what’s important to you gives that first date a much higher chance of success too. Head to to get started.

4. I promise to get more involved in the community

Being a single parent can be lonely but there’s a whole network of people to befriend in the community. Although a little effort is needed to get out there and take part in local activities, the benefits are well worth it.

For those of you looking to connect with people with the same heritage in your area, Asian or Indian dating sites will put you in touch with like minded individuals. These websites are not just about dating so sign up and meet people you wouldn’t get the chance to normally.

5. I promise to make our house a home

If you've moved house with the kids in tow those little jobs around the house have probably been pushed aside. You’re doing well if all the boxes are unpacked in the first six months. There’s always an excuse not to do DIY but sometimes a room decorated just the way you like it is all that’s needed to make you feel happy.

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Draw up a list of those niggling household improvements that have been neglected. Aim to cross one off each month. Even the kids can pitch in with a paintbrush or help you make decorations for the bedrooms. By 2014, your house will be the home you’ve always wanted.