Sunday, 2 February 2014

The February garden ~ chainsaw massacre

Today we got a bit chain saw happy in the garden. Now there's a sentence you don't see very often!

My brother likes his power tools and has a garage full of them, and so today I asked him to fire up the chainsaw and come into the garden....

Our first target was this big bushy thing (photo is from last August). I don't know what it is but I took a dislike to it this summer when it grew really big covering about 5 feet of border with its boring branches.

I'd left it in for a whole year to see if it did anything interesting, but no chance. It didn't bear any flowers, fruits or even have the decency to look pretty in the autumn. And in a garden this small every plant has to earn its keep and this one failed. Big time. So it signed its own death sentence people, and today it was the end.

Enter the terminator with the power tool. That sucker was gone in a couple of minutes. See ya!

I already have three plants lined up to fill that space, but first I'm going to have to dig those roots up.

Next up, it was the turn of the buddleias. They just needed chopping right back and once again the chainsaw made short work of that.
Buddleias have to be cut hard every year to keep them under control, and you can be quite brutal with them.  The two we cut down today will have grown back vigorously again by summer.

I never realised this before, but February is quite a busy month in the garden. I didn't do anything last February and the garden looked great in the summer, so hopefully it'll look even better this year. Fingers crossed.

After the last couple of weekends tidying, pruning and clearing away the winter debris the garden is starting to perk up a bit. It's looking quite neat, which is great, but there's still a lot to do.

Right, I'm off to consult my Gardening Year book to find out what I need to do next.