Thursday, 28 March 2013

Guest post: Make family time with delicious Sacla'

~ This is a featured guest post from Sacla' ~

It’s Sunday afternoon and, surprise surprise, it’s raining outside, which means that you and the kids are cooped up in the house. The challenge for the day is to find something that will keep them entertained and make precious family memories in the process. The kitchen, the heart of the house, is definitely the best place to do this.

There’s nothing quite like the wholesome fun of baking bread to bring the family together to make a mess, create scrumptious smells, and revel in the satisfaction of making something both delicious and useful. When you’ve baked your bread, Sacla can provide you with inspiration for how to use it to complement original and irresistible Italian food recipes.

Clever Lunch Ideas

If you opt to bake crusty white rolls, what better way to eat them than smothered in butter and dipped in a bowl of warming soup? Pesto and Cannellini Bean Soup from Sacla’ is a great choice: healthy, filling and simple, it will set off your homemade baked rolls to perfection, and the quick preparation time means the bread will still be nice and warm when you sit down to eat it. And it’s the ideal meal option if your fridge is looking a bit on the bare side.

As long as you’re stocked up with beans, veg and sauce you’re good to go, and you can make your own adaptations to the recipe according to what you’ve got in the house at the time. A dash of Sacla’ Roasted Red Pepper Pesto adds a rich flavour to the soup and any leftover in the jar can be spread on the bread rolls for a tasty snack later on. Click here to check out lots more inventive Pesto recipes, guaranteed to brighten up any wet weekend.

Garlic Bread – Kids’ Favourite

Why not treat yourself and your kids in true Italian style, by baking a ciabatta loaf and using it to cook up an indulgent round of golden-brown garlic bread.  A squeeze of Fresh Fiery Chilli Pesto will give a spicy kick to the mild mozzarella topping and make your garlic bread a dinner-table talking point, while the Sundried Tomato Italian antipasti adds a mellow flavour to ensure the whole family will eat and enjoy. That’s your rainy Sunday activity sorted, and you’ll be well set up for lunch for the next few days too!