Friday, 22 March 2013

Guest post: Preparing the garden for summer

This is a featured guest post by Tesco

OK, so it seems mad to be talking about summer when there’s still the threat of snow in the air but, positive thinking here, it’s going to happen! And when it does, you want to be able to hit the garden and enjoy it, especially if you’ve been putting the work in over the winter months. So, dust off the mower, dig out the hedge trimmers and get planting.

You may or may not have given your lawn the first cut of the year. Once you have cut it for the first time, try to do it once a week if possible to keep it in tip-top condition – fortnightly is fine if that’s not practical. If you have a new lawn like me, don’t cut it too short, too early and try to protect any newly planted parts from the birds. You want it as hardy as possible for when the kids are back out there playing!

In terms of plants, by April you’ll want to be removing any dead spring flowers to prepare for the summer. The threat of any significant frost should now have passed (fingers crossed!) so it’s a good time for planting, particularly any hardy annuals, coniferous trees and shrubs. It’s also time to make sure your beds are well composted. If you’re lucky enough to have a greenhouse, it’s time to think about moving plants out of it and into a cold frame in preparation for planting. With the weather as unpredictable as it is, do keep an eye on the forecast though in case you need to bring them back in to avoid frosting.

Away from actual greenery, the first thing you want to do when the sun does finally appear is head out into the garden for a nice sit down and maybe a barbecue. Make sure you’re prepared for this by cleaning any patio furniture and indeed the barbecue. While not exciting jobs, better to do them now than face them when it’s finally hot and all you want to do is relax and get the burgers on! For further gardening tips and ideas, do visit the very helpful Gardeners’ World.

Image by jodimarr, used under Creative Commons licence.