Saturday, 23 March 2013

Whatever happened to spring time?

Two days ago I was planning what to do in the garden this weekend.

Today my garden looks like this and my plans are on hold.

We've had about 7-8 inches of snowfall in the last 24 hours.  It's all very peaceful. The lane we live on is completely snowed in and the only sound is that of snow shovels scraping along driveways.

There won't be any work getting done on the potting table.

It all looks very pretty but I'm afraid my patience is wearing very thin with the winter weather. It's supposed to be spring for goodness sake!

The bird feeding station in the front garden was completely covered in snow, so I've cleared and replenished it. The birds need looking after in this sort of weather.

There's plenty for them to be getting on with, including fresh warm water. Well, it was warm when I put it out this morning.

Even the ducks from the local pond looked a bit cheesed off with it.

I'm a bit worried about the newly laid lawn, I'm not sure what it'll be like when the snow melts. Fingers crossed though. I wonder if the dahlias I planted recently will survive? And my plans to plant out some sweet peas which have been growing happily on the window sill have been postponed.

Roll on the warmer weather.