Friday, 26 April 2013

5 reasons to love catalogue shopping ~ featured post

If you haven’t picked up a catalogue lately then this guide is just for you! Here are five top reasons why you should go back to using the best kind of shopping available.

1. High street horrors
Some people love the hustle and bustle of a busy shopping centre, but for most of us the thought of trawling the shops for hours on end can only be stressful. Even though some shopping centres are trying to ban screaming children! Using catalogues is much quicker and easier than traversing the High Street. You can simply sit back, relax and browse your favourite catalogues for those essential items.

2. Relax and enjoy
As opposed to setting off on a mission to get in and out of the town centre as quickly as possible, when you opt to use catalogues you can shop from the comfort of your cosiest armchair. As well as saving you a lot of hassle, it can even save you money as you won’t need to pay for parking or worry about getting back to your car on time!

3. Getting the best price
Another way of saving money is the fact that by shopping at home, you have the opportunity to browse the internet and compare prices. Of course, it’s entirely possible that your chosen piece from a catalogue might be cheaper in the local store but more often than not, it could well be cheaper in the catalogue. The important thing is having the chance to check before handing over your money.

4. Make returns
Many people are put off using catalogues because they feel the High Street is more convenient when you need to make returns. But these days, catalogue companies make it very straightforward for you to send goods back with no questions asked – whereas on the high street you may find yourself queueing for an extended period at the returns counter or being offered credit instead of a refund.

5. Get involved
Part of the joy of shopping is sharing your latest purchases with friends or asking their opinion on the items you plan to buy. When you shop with a catalogue, you can easily go online and send friends links to the things you like – so your shopping experience can be a shared (and informed) one.

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