Saturday, 20 April 2013

The April garden ~ signs of spring

I can't be sure but I think spring has finally sprung. There are signs of it all over the garden - take a look.

The borders are starting to look a bit busier and there are green shoots and buds everywhere.

Here's a view of the garden from the other side, notice how the lawn has taken quite well. There are still a few patches but it seems quite healthy.

I love the delicate red flowers on the Japanese quince.

And the hellebores are in full bloom at the moment, although I think it's a shame their lovely nodding heads prevent us from seeing their beautiful faces.

Just look at how gorgeous this one is when you lift its head.

One of the plants I always have in my gardens is the allium. I just love their structural beauty, and it makes me smile to see the bulbs I planted in September are growing so well.

One of the jobs I've been putting off is pruning the bamboo. I was a bit nervous about doing it after someone said it's really difficult to do, but in the end I followed these very clear instructions for pruning clumping bamboo (which this seems to be) and it was pretty straightforward. And I kept the bamboo canes I pruned for staking other plants.

I'm not sure how clear you can see the difference, but it's much more compact. I took quite a lot from the top as it was getting very tall and tidied the sides, pruning some of the canes down to ground level. 

And finally, I've crossed another job off my To Do List: I managed to get my green man plaque on the wall. I took down a rather ugly gecko ornament that I'd inherited with the garden, and managed to hang my (very heavy) green man plaque in the same spot. Much better. I'd missed seeing him looking down on the garden, but now he's back in his rightful place. 

I suddenly seem to have a lot to do, and can't wait to get back in there tomorrow. What are you doing in the garden this month?