Thursday, 11 April 2013

The April garden: snow, sunshine and showers

Well, what a bizarre month for weather!  We started off with loads of snow, and you can see from this photo (taken just over a week ago) that it took a while for the snow to clear.

I was a bit worried about how the new lawn would fare after being completely covered for so long but it doesn't appear to be any the worse for it.

The last bits of snow have now melted, finally, and yesterday it seemed a little warmer so I set aside some time to get into the garden today. Of course when I woke up this morning it was pouring with rain! Grrr...

There's very little colour in the garden right now, and because of the severe cold the plants are way behind with their usual spring growth.

As a result I've done very little this month apart from a bit of pottering, a little tidying around and some planning ahead. In fact, I've made a To Do List. I do like a good list, which is so satisfying especially when you get to tick some of the items off!

The first thing on the list was to clean the outside furniture and fortunately for me Tall Daughter decided to help out with that.

She washed down the patio table and chairs for me and  made a good job of it too as it'd become really grubby over the winter (I keep forgetting to put a cover over it) and  the chairs were covered in cobwebs.

This is what the rest of the list looks like:

1.  Clean the patio table and chairs. Done!
2.  Get the new bird house attached to an outside wall.
3.  Give the new lawn its first cut.
4.  Buy some wood stain for the side gate.
5.  Buy (and apply) a light coloured wood stain for the interior of the shed.
6.  Reorganise, tidy and declutter the shed.
7.  Consider staining the shed exterior. Still undecided about whether to go for one of those coloured stains     or a traditional wood stain as I don't want the shed to stand out too much in such a small garden.
8.  Decide what to do with the raised deck area.
9.  Buy a small garden bench.
10. Hang my lovely Green Man plaque (which I brought with me from the old house) onto the wall.

That's my list which I hope to get done before the summer, plus some extra planting and general gardening. Wish me luck and watch this space for progress!