Sunday, 7 April 2013

This week I loved...

...the short break we had in the Lake District with our fabulous friends J & D.

...the house and converted barn set in 22 acres. Such a beautiful location.

...the views.

Photo by Tall Daughter
...the gorgeous sunsets.

...the pre-dinner drinks on the terrace.

...the fact that I asked a gay man to marry me. He said yes. I'll keep you posted with the arrangements.

...this amazing starter at the local pub. Black pudding and battered onion ring stack with a spicy peppercorn sauce. Absolutely delicious but ENORMOUS! I then attempted to eat a steak and ale pie for the main course. Could barely move for 24 hours afterwards.

...walking back from the pub in pitch darkness and seeing the incredible sky full of stars. There was so little light pollution that we could see the curve of the sky in stars.

...sitting in front of the log-burner in the cavernous living room, reading a good book, glass of wine to hand, feeling completely and utterly relaxed.

...having a conversation that got my brain whirring and which could be potentially life-changing. (No, I'm not talking about marrying a gay man although that would do it too.)

...coming home, feeling refreshed and with some serious thinking to do. (And quite a bit of work too.)