Thursday, 2 May 2013

How ironic (and not in an Alanis Morissette sort of way)

A couple of years ago I mentioned my dislike of all things McDonalds. You may remember it:
I hate McDonalds. Hate, hate, hate. It would take me too long to go into detail about why, but I dislike their attempt at world domination; the insidious advertising to small children (nursery visits from Ronald McDonald anyone?) the plastic tasting food; and the whole ethos of churning out junk food to the masses. When the Teenager was a toddler I didn't want to take her to get a Silly Meal so I told her that Ronald McDonald ate children. Did I mention how evil I am? It worked for a while until she got wise to it. Drat that clever girl. However, I've still managed to avoid taking the girls there but do occasionally compromise by getting a meal thrown out of the window (as they liked to call the Drive Thru when they were little.)
My real hatred started when the Teenager was 2 and attended a private nursery in the days when I worked full-time and the ex had a job. We paid top whack to have her looked after there and it was a lovely place, so I was shocked when I went to collect her one day and she told me they'd had a visit from Ronald McDonald. Ronald bloody McDonald!!

To say I was annoyed is putting it lightly, 'incandescent with rage' would probably be a better description. I made my views known to the nursery manager who seemed confused about why I'd object to 'an innocent little puppet show'. My reply was something like "But it's the most insidious type of advertising to young impressionable toddlers - TODDLERS!" or thereabouts. Maybe delivered in a loud voice.

My dislike still continues but as I happen to be the caretaker of two teenagers who like the plastic food served at McDs I've had to relax my objection slightly based on the theory that if you ban something  it seems all the more desirable. For example, when my girls were babies I swore they would never play with Barbies. One play date at a friend's house soon put paid to that when they discovered the 12" creatures that were 'the most beautiful dolls in the world'. Sigh.

Anyhow, fast forward a few years and the Teenager is now 16 (nearly 17 as she keeps reminding me) and as she starts college in September she's been looking for a part-time job.  She's sent off dozens of applications and had a couple of interviews and today she got the news she's been waiting for - she's got her very first job.

At McDonalds.