Friday, 31 May 2013

5 years of blogging, making friends and getting abuse on twitter...where did the time go?

Five years. FIVE YEARS!

I started this blog in May 2008, and although the first 6 months worth of posts have been deleted (don't ask)  and I took a couple of short breaks it's been a continuous stream of nonsense ever since.  What started off as a place to rant about this, that and the other has become...well, actually it's still the same but with a bit of home decorating and gardening thrown in for good measure.

We've had some brilliant adventures because of this blog - Los Angeles, Milan, Cologne - and met some amazing people, many of whom have become real life friends (you know who you are!)  I would never have dreamt that the blog would have such a big, positive impact on our lives, but it has and I'm very grateful.

I'd like to share some anniversary messages from some of the fantastic people I've met through blogging:

'Happy Blogging Anniversary notSupermum! 5 years already, how did that happen? I love this blog and frankly covet your garden, please can you come and sort mine? Here's to another 5 years! Violet Posy Xx'

"Imagine if Hattie Jacques, Wonder Woman, Charlie Dimmock, Cilla Black and Nigella Lawson created a child together, well that child would be notSupermum. And her blog reflects all the beauty that is within her - it is a delicious chronicle that is full of heart, wisdom, opinion, observation and wit." ~ Caroline Smailes

'I love notSupermum. I've been reading this brilliant blog since it started and like to think that our blogs have grown old and wrinkly together.   Happy birthday notSupermum.  Here's to another five years failing horribly at parenting, but doing it together.  I love you lots xx' ~ English Mum

'I started reading notSupermum's blog more years ago than I can remember and it's been on my list of top blogs to read ever since. I'm not sure nSM realises what an excellent writer she is, or how helpful I've found it to read her blog as a fellow single patent. It takes commitment and perseverance to make your 5th blogging anniversary. Many congratulations to nSM. Looking forward to the next five blogging years and much continued success. 
Rosie x ~ Rosie Scribble 

I've also been inundated with had a couple of messages on Twitter.  I asked if anyone could sum up my blog in a tweet.

and finally a tweet from my mate Dom Joly, you know that bloke off the telly? Used to be funny? Here's what he had to say during one of our recent conversations:

Okay, so I exaggerated slightly when I said we were friends...

I remember when I decided to start this blog, and after writing the first few blog posts wondering "Who on earth would ever want to read this?"  And if I'm perfectly honest I still ask myself the same question every week, but here you are and thank you. THANK YOU!

Here's to another five years of mad adventures, making new friends and getting into trouble on twitter!