Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Interesting stuff from around t'internet #4

Here's my selection of stuff from the internet, including puppies, album covers, German beards and an article every parent should read.

Ever wondered how astronauts sleep in space?

Very, very clever ad for a washing machine. Does a bear strip in the woods?

Puppy wake-up call. This rates 11 out of 10 on the cuteness scale.

What whippets do at the beach. This is a good illustration of how lazy placid whippets and greyhounds are.

45 of the worst album covers ever made. Hard to choose which one is the worst, but number 41 has to be a contender.

To parents of small children. Read this article every week until your children have left home. Wise words indeed.

Stupid things people say in court. Some of these are very funny.

Around the world in 5 minutes. Some pretty stunning time lapse photography.

The only 10 pieces of clothing you need. I need to do this.

Families from around the world photographed with their weekly food shopping.

 The annual beard contest in Germany. Boy, the Germans know how to grow a beard.

And finally, puppies in a laundry basket. You're welcome.