Friday, 10 May 2013

My feisty little girl is all grown up

One day soon this little duckling will pack its bags and leave home....

When your children are toddlers and you're teaching them stuff (and I'm talking about important stuff like how to tie their own shoelaces or how to eat corn on the cob without looking like an idiot) you often wonder how they will turn out in the long run.

The Teenager is 16 and after a few years of thinking she's was constantly auditioning for some secret drama queen academy she's finally settled down into a lovely young woman. She's all the things I would have chosen for her - intelligent, smart, very thoughtful and outgoing.

She's always been a feisty girl and that's fine. When she was little her wilfullness could be somewhat challenging at times but I didn't want to break her spirit, I always wanted her to be able to look after herself.

And it appears she can, because this week I witnessed her handle a difficult situation with a maturity and awareness that blew me away.

She had a conversation with someone close to her who had hurt her deeply, and she explained to them in very clear detail why their behaviour was unacceptable to her, and why they needed to examine their strategies for dealing with their very obvious anger issues.

I was so proud of her I was punching the air in excitement!

She handled it without losing her temper or getting upset (if it'd been me I'd have done both) and with a deftness of touch that left me totally in awe of her. There was really nothing else for me to add, she did a brilliant job on her own.

My little girl is now more capable of dealing with difficult people than I am. How ace is that?