Sunday, 26 May 2013

The garden in May ~ How does your garden grow?

The weather this week has been rainy and windy, so I didn't get a chance to get into the garden until yesterday when the sun appeared. I had a wander around first to see what was growing and if there was any damage from the high winds, but the only damage was from the parasol which had fallen into the border and damaged the flowering nutmeg slightly. Not a disaster though. The rest of the garden is looking vibrant and the borders are filling up nicely.

The border next to the patio is full to bursting with plants ready to flower any day now, there's aquilegia, alliums, irises, veronica, lavender, and plenty of other - as yet unnamed - plants.

The grape hyacinth (muscari)  is one of my favourites. I love how they're so delicate yet make a big impact with their stunning colour.

I only planted this dicentra spectabilis quite recently but it already has a fantastic show of flowers on it.

I plonked these tulip bulbs in a pot and their growth is a bit wonky,  but just look at that gorgeous, deep chocolate colour.

And the alliums are looking better all the time, the purple ones are opening up a bit more now but the white still have a little way to go.

One of the dahlia shoots
In this bed under the living room window I made the mistake of planting some dahlia tubers too early, and I thought the subsequent frosts and snow had put paid to my dahlia border.

But look what appeared this week! The dahlias seem to have survived and there's four of them, which is a surprise because I only planted three. But hey ho, the more the merrier!

And here's the garden from a different angle than usual, to show how the trees lend some dappled shade to the garden. There's a tree in our garden next to the shed, but the rest is borrowed shade from the trees in the park behind the house. It makes it much more pleasant to sit out in the hotter weather (touch wood).

I'm joining in with Mammasaurus' gardening linky again this week, a bit later than intended but better late than never, eh? Have a look at some of the other inspirational gardens on there.

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