Thursday, 16 May 2013

The garden in May ~ Verdant


  1. (of countryside) Green with grass or other rich vegetation.
  2. Of the bright green colour of lush grass.

I love that word, and it's the one that sprang to mind when I was out in the garden today. 

Everything suddenly seems so lush and green and ready to explode with colour. This is possibly my favourite time of the gardening year.

There is something very other worldly about ferns and the way they grow.

One of my favourite plants, allium christophii is ready to burst open any day. Can't wait.

The bluebells in the front garden have only flowered in the last couple of days.

Every garden should have a frilly tulip.

This pale yellow tulip was almost transparent with the sun behind it. Gorgeous.

The beds are starting to fill up and everything is growing so unbelievably fast, but then we've had such a combination of rain and sunshine for the past week it's no wonder.

How's your garden coming along? What are your favourite plants in your garden? 

p.s. I've just found this gardening linky via Mammasaurus, and there are plenty of gorgeous entries to enjoy.

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