Thursday, 30 May 2013

The May garden ~ rain, rain and more rain.

This week has been a bit of a wash-out gardening wise, literally. It has rained most days which is great for the garden, but not so great for us!

We did have a glorious day on Sunday but, call me crazy, I spent the day with my daughters instead of gardening. So very little actual work has been done in the garden apart from a bit of weeding between the rain showers and....actually, that's about it.

However I did manage to take my camera out one day.

This peony is in the front garden and it's on the verge of opening. Any day now! Can't wait to see its gorgeousness in full bloom.

The aquilegia in the back garden are poking their heads up and should start flowering this week I reckon. I love these cottage garden flowers, so pretty.

If there's ten minutes sunshine Tessie always wants to go out and lie on the grass, and not just any bit of grass - this exact piece of the lawn. This is her spot and woe betide anyone who gets in her way.

I can't remember the name of this shrub but it's in flower at the moment and looking very pretty.

The honeysuckle  is rampant again and covers one side of this trellis work completely.  I still haven't decided what to do with this raised area, it gets quite shady and so far just has a bird table on it. I'm open to suggestions, anyone?

I planted this azalea next to the back door last year and it has flowered for the first time this week. I do love a white flower, they always looks so pretty against the foliage.

I absolutely love this black acer, I love the contrast against the green of the other plants. I haven't pruned it at all since we came here but I think it might need a haircut later in the year.

Update 2/6/13: I found out yesterday (quite by chance after looking in a magazine) that this isn't a black acer after all, it's a black elder Sambucus nigra. Sorry for any confusion, it was the previous owner who told me it was an acer and I didn't know any better. Do now though!

And finally, I bought these three forget-me-nots at a plant sale the other day. There wasn't very much left when I got there but I snapped these up for 50p each. They're sitting on the potting table at the moment waiting for me to decide where they should go.

I'm linking up to Mammasaurus' blog again this week for her How Does Your Garden Grow linky. There are some gorgeous gardens linking up every week, if you like gardening (or even just pretty photos) it's worth a look.

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