Saturday, 25 May 2013

Tips on how to keep your house tidy ~ despite having a dog!

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Keeping your home in good shape can be a difficult enough task as it is - let alone without adding a dog into the equation! But do not despair, having a dog does not mean that your dreams of an ideal home are over. Well not quite….In truth, keeping your home spick and span is going to be more difficult with a dog roaming around, but with these quick tips you should be able to keep the mess down to a minimum.

Regular Grooming
Dog hairs get everywhere. This is simply a facts of dog ownership. The best way to minimise the mess is to make sure that your dog is brushed regularly. A proper grooming schedule is part of maintaining a fit and healthy dog, but by removing shedding hairs, you are also helping to maintain a clean and relatively hair-free house.

Lint Rollers
No matter how well you keep your dog groomed, there are going to be hairs. We have found that by far and away the best way of dealing with them is with a lint roller. We currently have lint rollers in three different rooms- as well as in the glove compartment of the car. Truth be told we can’t quite remember how we coped without them! However, we have come across other dog owners who feel they simply aren’t enough- they prefer to get more hands on and wrap adhesive tape around their fingers!

Table manners
Dinner time can one of the messiest times of day- especially for dogs with a big appetite. One of the problems is that you will want to be serving dinner on an easy clean surface, such as in the kitchen. However, these surfaces can be slippy and a moving bowl can quickly lead to dinner up the walls! The best way to manage this is to invest in a non-slip bowl with rubber grippers on its feet, or alternatively, put an easy clean dinner mat beneath the bowl. Another reason for dog flood flying around the house is the ferocity with which your dog attacks its food!

Eating too quickly is not good for your dogs, so if this is a problem you may want to invest in a ‘diet bowl’. These bowls have a central island, resulting in a doughnut-shape, which forces dogs to eat their dinner more slowly. Good for both digestion and your floors. A wide arrange of feeding equipment, including diet and non-slip bowls, is available at

Muddy paws
The best way to beat muddy paws is to create a system and stick to it. With military-style rigour! When our dogs go out, they only ever return through the utility room. We like to think of it a bit like a decontamination unit! In there, all feet can be wiped, mud chipped off and slobber towelled away. No one gets into the inner sanctum until they are smelling clean and fresh….well at least until they aren’t dripping with mud.  

Flea free zone
A few hairs and muddy paws can be annoying, but they are nothing compared to an infestation of fleas! You must always make sure that your pets are adequately protected against these critters - we speak from experience - you do not want them in your home! You can find a range of flea protection products, including anti-flea dog collars..