Friday, 24 May 2013

Weirdos, bad jokes and gay marriage

So today I was at the perfume counter in John Lewis with my daughters when a man in his twenties came over.

Almost immediately my inner weirdo-alarm went off.  "Why should marriage always be like a ruler?" he asked. I didn't wait for the punchline but tried to walk away, but not quick enough. He ran around to the front of us and shouted "Because it should always be straight!"

"Not funny" was my reply.

"I'm only saying it because I have strong morals and I believe in traditional marriage" said The Weird One.

He continued to follow us, shouting about how gay marriage was wrong and how traditional marriage was meant for procreation but we were less interested in listening than doing our best speed-walk to get away.

Aside from the fact that you just don't accost strangers to make a daft joke about gay marriage, he made no concession for differing opinions or the fact that one day someone is going to punch his lights out.  Hopefully.

I realised that my girls were slightly freaked out by him so wanted to get away and I didn't get a chance to give share my opinion - but just for the hell of it here it is anyway.

First of all, I have two sets of friends who are in same-sex relationships. One couple has been together for over 20 years, the other has been together for about 18 years give or take a year. They are both in committed, loving relationships that have stood the test of time. My marriage was over before our 7th wedding anniversary. So much for traditional marriage.

Secondly, the argument that traditional marriage is all about procreation is, quite frankly, a dud. What about infertile couples? What about older couples who marry in later life? Does that make their marriage any less valid? No, of course not.

And let's not forget that gay couples can adopt or have children by donors or surrogates which would make them - oh yes! -  a family with children.

As Tall Daughter said as we discussed it on the way home: "Some people are gay, get over it!"