Sunday, 12 May 2013

When are kids too old for a family holiday?

Our first family holiday - not all the children are mine:)

We're big fans of holidaying in the UK and I've written before about our annual family holiday to Wales and how we go to the same place every year - a farm cottage on the Llyn Peninsula.

This year will be our 9th year and I think, sadly, also our last. The Teenager is getting to the stage were she doesn't really want to come on holiday with us anymore, she has her own friends and boyfriend and I think next year she'll opt for a holiday with them. She was reluctant to come this year but I managed to persuade her but I'm sad that it might be our last as a family.

Our family holidays over the years have been fantastic and it nice to know that the girls have some very happy memories of them. They still talk about one particular holiday I took them on, and it was the first one we had a family of three. I was a bit unsure of taking two small children on holiday on my own, so I chose to stay at a holiday park (also in Wales).

Hemsby Beach holiday parkThe park had some great facilities, particularly the indoor swimming pool and the outside water play area
which they'd have stayed in all day if I'd let them! It was also very close to the beach so between that and the park facilities there was always plenty for them to do. And in the evenings there was entertainment with shows suitable for the whole family.

One of the few drawbacks of our cottage holidays is that we have very little to do if the weather is bad.  If it rains (and most years we've had at least a couple of rainy days) we end up watching back to back DVDs in the cottage or fighting over a game of Monopoly. The Teenager is so competitive!

That's the big advantage holiday parks have - because of the on-site facilities there's always plenty of things for children to do, which means you don't have to start trekking around looking for somewhere to go (and I've spent a fortune doing that too!) It also gives the children a bit of independence and the adults a bit of a break!

I was very impressed that these holiday parks are dog friendly and are happy for the family pet to come along, and at a much lower cost than it costs to put them in kennels.

How do you choose your holidays, and which ones do your children enjoy the most?

This is a commissioned post and I received payment to write it.