Thursday, 20 June 2013

Guest post ~ Five reasons coffee makers rock

~ This is a featured guest post ~

We all know that England’s had more than a little catching up to do when it comes to good coffee. Thankfully, nowadays it can’t be disputed that we are a newborn nation of coffee drinkers and whilst you may still be fumbling for the instant variety every single morning, coffee makers are becoming more and more popular across the country – especially with us mums.

To understand the phenomenon, here are five reasons why coffee makers simply rock.

1. Great taste

First and foremost, the most important thing about coffee is the way it tastes. With a coffee maker, such as a Tassimo from Bosch, you can be sure that every single cup is perfect. The T Discs which you use to make the coffee come in hundreds of strengths and varieties, from rocket-strong espressos to gentler strengths and aromas.

2. They save time

One of the most important things when you’re making your morning coffee is not only than you get the best tasting cup but that also that it’s made quickly. With a coffee maker and its clever on-board technology, this is not a problem.

Coffee makers heat much faster than standard kettles, meaning all you have to do is pop in your T Disc, place your mug underneath, wait a few brief moments and then it’s ready. For mums with little ones to look after, this is convenience and practicality at its best.

3. They look great

Modern coffee machines also look great on the kitchen counter. Their seamless ergonomic design fits nicely into modern kitchens so we mums can enjoy a fresh brew and a stylish kitchen simultaneously. Taking up a minimal amount of space, if you’ve been searching for the ultimate kitchen accessory that is both beautiful and functional then coffee makers could well be what you need.

4. Intelligent brewing

On of the most amazing features of coffee machines is their ability to intelligently brew every single cup of coffee. With Tassimo, the T Disc on the refill is scanned by the machine to calculate the exact amount of water, required temperature and boil time needed to create the perfect cup.

5. They are easy to clean

For any mum, cleaning is one of the biggest chores to try and fit round a hectic schedule. When it comes to cleaning the machine, you’ll be amazed at the ease with which the job can be completed – meaning you get all of the perks of a fresh cup of coffee to start your day without any problems.