Thursday, 20 June 2013

The garden in June ~ a rambling rose, irises and a quince

It's that time of the week again. Time to look at the garden in detail and see what's in bloom. Here goes:

Super excelsa helexa rambling rose

This rambling rose (Super Excelsa helexa) grows along my side of the neighbouring fence and is just starting to flower. This single rose will soon be joined by cascades of others, all small and pink. The clusters of roses look amazing along the fence line and it was one of the best features of the garden last year. 

Iris 'Shirley Pope'

A new addition to the garden, Iris 'Shirley Pope'. I love its gorgeous dusty purple colour.


The geraniums in the front garden are out in force.

geranium peony euonymous

The geraniums in front of the overgrown euonymous, in front of the magnificent peony which in turn is in front of the bay trees.

Iris siberica 'silver skies'

This Iris siberica 'Silver Skies' is small and petite and has the most delicate lilac petals. I love it.

japanese quince

The Japanese quince is coming to the end of its flowering and the first actual quince has appeared. It's tiny at the moment, but will more than double in size.

flower border

the garden in June

The borders are filling up nicely, and now is the time to sit outside and enjoy the garden, but my head is already full of ideas for next year. The gardener's work is never done...

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