Monday, 15 July 2013

Interesting stuff on t'internet #7

From my Pinterest board

Sadly, the Freddie Mercury gorilla has to go.

Genetics are awesome. Photographer explores resemblances in family members. Some of these are amazing.

The most gorgeous baby dolphin. C'mon, you know I always include baby animals in these round-ups...

The anatomy of a banana. *snigger*

If you haven't seen this already it's definitely worth watching. Dustin Hoffman breaks down trying to explain something that most women have already experienced. Moving stuff.

77 years of pain? Erm, no Andy Murray was actually the fifth Brit to win Wimbledon since Fred Perry won in 1936.

8 Ironics photos or your money back. Love number 4.

22 things you're doing wrong. I already do number 8 *smug face* but look at number 14! Whoa!

19 Life Lessons you should have learned by now. And by you I mean me.

If you can make it through these without shedding a tear then you're stronger than me. 40 of the most powerful photographs ever taken.