Friday, 26 July 2013

One Room Paradise ~ small space living from Ikea

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We're going to Ikea later on today, and one of the things I can guarantee we'll do is to pretend we live in one of the living areas set up within the store. I bet it's not just us is it? Please say it isn't...

Ever since my girls were little they've loved to do that, and even now they're teenagers they use them to plan out how they'd decorate and furnish their first flat.

Whoever plans out those living areas is a genius, because I love the amount of space that's created by using either double function pieces of furniture and inspired storage items.

The new Ikea TV ad shows Mandy, a living doll, showing us around her 'One room paradise' with its ingenius layout and space-saving solutions.

The video is intended to be a spoof on reality shows such as Geordie Shore and if you can get past the slightly quirky concept of the living doll it does show off some of their small-space living solutions very nicely.

Anyway, have a look at the ad - it might not be for everyone but see what you think. And it's not just us who pretends to live in Ikea, is it?

Mandy is now on Twitter! You can find her here.