Thursday, 11 July 2013

The July garden ~ lull

The garden in July

The garden has reached a funny stage the last couple of weeks. There's hardly any colour - the roses are past their best (although the rambler is just coming into its own); the honeysuckle isn't doing much and the dahlias haven't bloomed yet. And although there is the promise of colour, there's very little going on at the moment - there's a lull, and I'm going to have to change that for next year.


Huge lavender

I can't wait for this mahoosive lavender to flower. It was stunning last year and is looking even better this year.

Rambling rose super helexa

Rambling rose


I don't know what type of clematis this is. It didn't flower last year and I pruned it back hard in the spring, now it has these very pretty, delicate star shaped flowers.

Sweet pepper, chilli and baby cucumber plants

I bought these three in Aldi a couple of weeks ago: a chilli pepper plant, a mini cucumber and a sweet pepper. They were only £2.99 each so I thought they were worth a try, and because I've never grown this type of vegetable before I was a bit apprehensive. I've kept them in a sunny position, watered them twice daily and because they've been a magnet for slugs and snails I've had to put some repellent down. But look at how well they're doing!

chilli pepper plant

Sweet pepper plant

Sweet pepper plant

Mini cucumber plant

They're looking very promising. I'm quite excited about cooking with my home grown produce!

I'm linking up again with Mammasaurus' blog again this week. There are plenty of other gardens to have a look at there. In the meantime I'm going to get my plant reference books out and look for plants that flower in July.  See you next week!

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