Thursday, 29 August 2013

A walk in the park

I love to get out in the fresh air and luckily for me I have a dog that insists on being walked twice a day so it works out nicely.

Even though our house backs onto a park, Tessie's favourite place to go is a nearby field. I have no idea why she likes it so much, but if I leave the house a certain way she literally drags me in its direction.

It used to be owned by a brewery (it's behind a pub) but when it was left to go wild the local residents stepped in and asked the brewery if they could take it over. I was involved in the very early days because I used to live in a teeny tiny terraced house on the same lane as the field, but we had to move when the house became too small to raise children in. I loved that house though, I'd bought it when I was young, free and single and it was quite a wrench to leave it.

Anyhoo, Tessie loves the field which is now lottery funded and looked after by the residents. It's the site of several events each year - summer picnic, fun days, Hallowe'en fancy dress events and more, but usually during the day you'll find informal football matches being played, children playing, and dogs being walked.

Last year, a wild flower meadow was planted with limited success but this year they tried again and it's been a much better display.

The wild flowers only count for about a quarter of the field, but they look so pretty and Tessie always likes to follow the rough path that takes us right through the flowers.

Most mornings though, we venture onto the park through the entrance at the end of the road. We live in a row of houses built on land which used to belong to a rather grand Georgian house around the corner from us and according to a neighbour there was once a large orchard in the grounds. 

I knew there were three trees right behind our house that could be fruit trees, so earlier this year I thought I'd take a closer look. The trunks are really gnarled and old, they must have stood there for years so I reckoned they were part of the old orchard.

They're in a funny little bit of the park that doesn't lead anywhere, just behind the duck pond and people don't tend to bother walking up there.  They're quite a distance from the Georgian house so the grounds must have been extensive.

You can just see our house through the trees.

In the spring two of them were covered in blossom and  I hoped they would bear fruit, although the middle tree has remained bare all year.

And they have. One is absolutely weighed down with pears and the other has apples - possibly crab apples, I'm not sure. Thing is, I'm not sure who the fruit belongs to but I assume it's the local council although I can't see how they would use them.  I'm tempted to pick some. Do you think it's worth the risk?

I hope Mammasaurus doesn't mind me linking this up to this week's How Does Your Garden Grow? but my garden's looking a bit flat at the moment. To see plenty of garden gorgeousness click on the badge below.

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