Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Featured post ~ Three ways to wear white

White is a great tone for summer. Fresh and clean, it looks cool and doesn’t absorb sunlight the way darker colours do, so helps to keep you feeling comfortable. We tend to wear white more often in the summer than in any other season, so it makes sense to have a good idea of what looks good and how to wear it with style.

How to wear white
Image credit – Love Maegan

First, the tailored look. White is perfect for crisp, tailored shirts, which set off your skin colour and give an air of sophistication. For men and women, a clean white shirt just looks fantastic and you can pair it with just about anything to make a statement. A warning, though – to pull this off, your shirt has to be absolutely perfectly white and really well laundered – creases, crushing and old off-white doesn’t look as good.

Cotton Traders white blazer
Figure 1- Cotton Traders White blazer
The all-white look can be great for women. White women trousers, jeans or cigarette pants are stylish and elegant when they are properly fitted and good quality. Match with a loose chiffon blouse for a cool effect, or with white vest and jacket, likethe white blazer above from Cotton Traders  for a nattier look. Add a touch of colour with sunglasses, a clutch bag or funky shoes, or keep the all-white theme going with white sandals, white jewellery and an oversized white bag.

Cotton Traders linen trousers

And white is perfect for dressing up. Whether it’s a lace overlaid cocktail dress, wide-legged linen trousers such as this linentrousers from Cotton Traders combined it with sleeveless top, it’s a great way to turn heads and stand out from the crowd. With some clever accessorising, you can create a stylish yet simple look without spending a fortune. Use different fabrics for contrast, so silk and lace or crepe and cotton – you could even go for different shades of white, going as deep as ivory to provide an added dimension to your look without really straying from the original palette.

Be bold, and add some clean white clothes to your wardrobe this season. You’ll find that simple cuts look great and that it’s easy to accessories with coloured jewellery, shoes and bags. Wear it with confidence for work, for play, for smart nights out and casual nights in. You might have to pay more attention to looking after it so that it stays as clean and pristine as possible, but it will be worth it for the sheer satisfaction of looking just as cool as you feel.

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