Thursday, 22 August 2013

The August garden ~ fading

Summer is fading in the garden and there are already signs of autumn. I pruned back the rambling rose this week and exposed the hidden berries of the pyracanthus which grows right next to it. In a couple of months the cascades of roses will be replaced by masses of orange berries. 

Rambling rose super helexa



Dahlia border

Leycesteria formosa
Sea hollyCrocosmia
Mini cucumbers
I mentioned last week how well the chillies and peppers were doing, and the mini cucumbers are also doing well but don't look particularly appetising at the moment. They're still tiny too, not sure how big they're supposed to get.
sweet peppers and chillies

This post is a bit short and sweet because we were out all day yesterday, and today has been all about the Teenager getting her GCSE results. She did really well and it's great to see her hard work rewarded with good results. Couldn't be more proud of her, although I think it's going to cost me...

I'm joining the gardening linky again over at Mammasaurus' blog, there's plenty of other gardens there to have a virtual wander around.

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