Thursday, 15 August 2013

The garden in August, and a bit of nostalgia

The garden's looking a bit sad at the moment, partly because we've been on holiday - to Wales - and it's been a bit neglected, and also because there's been a lot of rain which has left some of the plants looking a bit battered. 


The Echinacea is looking good, and the dahlias are still doing me proud but the roses need deadheading, the grass needs cutting and there's quite a lot of tidying that needs to be happening very soon. One bright spot is the three veg pots I bought, all three are doing well though I only managed to get these photos before the heavens opened and I ran for cover. I'm not sure how hot the chillies are going to be but they're only small and I think that means they'll be hot!

The small chilli plant has about 20-30 chillies growing on it. I'm really impressed by how well it's done.  The sweet pepper plant is also doing well, although the peppers are quite small, and the cucumber plant has attached itself to a nearby aloe vera plant for support. The cucumbers are tiny so far, and don't look very appetising at the moment. Photos next week I hope.

Dahlia 'bluebell'

I mentioned recently how this year has been the first time I've grown dahlias it's reminded me so much of my lovely Dad, and his fondness for them too.  Then today when I was sorting out some boxes of old photos in the spare room this photo fell out of one of the boxes. 

Dad's garden with dahlias (and baby brother)

The photo is from the seventies, and I can date it to around 1974 because that's my baby brother standing there, behind the pom-pom dahlias, and he looks about 4 or 5 there. 

It's almost like Dad wanted to show me something....I can imagine him saying "Now that's what you call a dahlia!" Well, I'm a dahlia convert now now and I'll be planting more next year. Thanks Dad.

Dahlia 'purple gem'

Dahlia 'purple gem'

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