Wednesday, 4 September 2013

My Hobbs wish list for autumn

One of the drawbacks advantages of having teenage daughters is that they're really into clothes and fashion and have plenty to say about my choice of clothes. They've been putting some gentle pressure on me recently to wear 'nicer' clothes as I tend to go for comfort over style, although as they very annoyingly point out there's no reason why you can't have both.

Now if you're a regular reader of this blog you'll know I'm no fashionista, but I've been casting my eye over recent fashion trends and turning my nose up at most of  to be honest, but it seems that all is not lost!

I like wearing skirts, but once you're past 40 if you don't have absolutely knock-out legs you need a lower hemline and they've been a bit scarce over the past season or two. So when I read that midi skirts are back in this autumn I gave a little cheer!

When I was asked to take at look at the Hobbs website, which still has some lovely summer dresses on sale by the way, I loved their new skirts with lower hemlines. I don't think you can go wrong with a well tailored pencil skirt as they flatter most figures and Hobbs have several below the knee skirts in their new range, including this Saskia skirt which is definitely on my wish list.

Hobbs AW13
Molly Jacket £125 / Saskia skirt £99 / Geo block scarf £39

I also need a decent winter coat and after wearing what was supposed to be my 'dog walking' parka for the whole of last winter my daughters also agree with me! This oversized Daisey coat looks lovely, and it reminds me of a similar coat I had many moons ago.

Hobbs AW13
Daisey coat £279 / Clement Derby shoes £169

I don't wear heels very often these day - reserving them for the very occasional night out - so I was drawn to these Clement Derby shoes. And they're in the softest mauve pink leather, which seems to be the colour of Autumn 2013.

What are you doing to update your wardrobe this autumn? And do your children tell you what to wear?

This has been written in association with Hobbs.