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Traditional Christmas gifts for kids

Traditional Christmas gifts for kids

It sometimes feels like all of the joy has gone out of shopping for children’s presents. If you are looking at a list which looks awfully similar to last year’s, you are probably wondering where your child’s imagination has gone and how to bring it back.

Luckily there are plenty of presents which are sure to delight your child and encourage their creative side. The good news is they won’t burn a huge hole in your pocket either. The truly great children's Christmas gift ideas are timeless.

Butcher baker, candle stick maker!

Do you remember how much fun you had playing with your tiny kitchen set or sweet shop? The fun hasn’t gone out of such toys. They not only give a child pleasure but are educational and help teach cooperation with others.

With so many trendy chefs around these days, a miniature kitchen is ideal for boys and girls. They can have hours of fun ‘making’ dinner in their little domain so why not ask them to ‘make’ something for you?

A similar scenario is the shop. Children love to pretend to be the grown-up characters they see in their everyday lives and nowhere can they do this with more enthusiasm than in their own shop. They can choose what they are going to sell, give their shop a name and start to learn about arithmetic.

An all time favourite is the good old blackboard. Nowadays, such a toy usually has a white board on its opposite side too, for double creativity. Some chalk and a few felt tips will keep kids busy for hours as they create their masterpieces.

Dolly mixture

Dolls have not gone out of fashion. In fact they have become incredibly sophisticated with their own fashion lines and life stories at hand! A doll still has the effect of bringing out the sensitive and human side of your child as they relate to it like it is a friend.

All in the family

If you have forgotten how much fun board games are then this Christmas is the time to remember. Such games develop cognitive and practical skills and have the bonus of bringing everyone together.

Additionally, they teach friendly competition and a sense of community.

Playing a few family board games over the holidays when there is the time for everyone to relax will create special memories for children as well.

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