Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A new kitchen blind, indecision and some wet paint ~ a review of Hillarys

The kitchen has been my least favourite room in the house since we moved in, mainly because the walls were dark green and the roller blind on the window was a manky beige with a big brown stain across the centre. I know, you're jealous aren't you?

Kitchen with dark green walls and no blind

So it's been in need of an update since we moved in and because it is quite a big project (the ceiling lighting also needs to be changed) it's been on the back burner for a while, but a few weeks ago I decided to try and spruce it up a bit.

The first thing to go was the the roller blind which was so disgusting I didn't take a photo, and because we live on a quiet lane and don't get many passers-by I reckoned we could live without a blind until the kitchen was decorated.

Then I tried out a few tester pots on the walls to try and find a colour that would brighten up the room and also go with the cream kitchen cabinets. I also looked at some window blinds, but because the kitchen window is quite big I would have had to buy a larger length and cut it down to size. I've done that with other windows and it's easy enough to do (although you have to cut very carefully) but the cut edge always looks unfinished and messy.

As luck would have it, I was contacted by Hillarys to see if I'd like to review one of their products. Would I? Yes, I most certainly would. And sure enough a few days later a very nice man called Steve came to show me their range of designs and wide selection of fabrics and fittings. While he did the measuring I made a cup of tea and dithered over the choice available.

Hillary's Blind sample bookTo be honest, I took quite a long time to decide on the type (Venetian, vertical, roller or Roman?) Or possibly a wood-effect venetian blind (which would have been my brother's choice, but he was away at sea so didn't get any say.)  Oh, and then I spotted the range of shutters - gorgeous!

I was genuinely surprised by the range available, which made it quite hard to make a decision but I have to admire Steve's patience because I changed my mind more than once (even when he was filling out the order form) yet he didn't bat an eyelid. We also arranged a time and date for two weeks time when he would come back to fit the blind

All I had to do in the meantime was paint the kitchen. Easy, right? Well no,.....I couldn't decide on the colour, and changed my mind a couple of times (are you sensing a pattern?)  Eventually, I decided on a cheery green colour - Melon Sorbet from the Dulux range - and painted the wall on the morning Steve was due back to do the fitting. Yes, I waited until that very morning to do the painting. What can I say, I'm embarrassed.

When he turned up - early, as it happens - the wall was still a bit wet and he wasn't sure if he could do the fitting but said he'd put the brackets up and come back later that day. At this point I was feeling pretty stupid and kicking myself for leaving it so late to do the painting, but somehow Steve not only managed to get the brackets fitted but he also put the blind up too. Given that the paint was still a bit wet, which made it awkward, he still managed to fit the blind in less than 30 minutes with no mess. I was officially impressed. 

Hillary's Blinds

I'm really happy with it. It looks great and really finishes off the whole room. And hats off to Steve for his patience and dexterity!

Disclosure: The roller blind was supplied and fitted by Hillary's for the purposes of this review, although I was genuinely impressed with the service and all words, opinions and photos are my own.