Monday, 14 October 2013

Decorating your baby's first bedroom ~ guest post

Your baby is on its way and it is an exciting time for everyone involved. But there are a number of preparations that need to be done before the big arrival such as buying all the clothes, bottles and getting a nappy supply together. You should also start thinking about decorating the baby’s bedroom for when he or she is ready to move from the Moses basket to the crib. This can be a fun experience and one which you can enjoy as a little project whilst you are waiting for the birth.

Colour Scheme

The first decision you should make when decorating is the colour scheme that you want to go for. If you know the sex of the baby, this can be a little easier, but you may not want to go for the traditional baby pink or blue. Why not try a light yellow colour for a girl or a light shade of orange for a boy. If you want to keep the sex a surprise, then choose a neutral colour such as cream, as you can always accessorise with gender specific colours once the baby has arrived.

Once you have decided on a colour scheme then make sure that you do not go overboard as this could overwhelm the room and the baby. Keep the shades light and try to team them with white or cream so that the room has a soft feel.


There are a few necessities that you should invest in first such as a crib, a chest of draws for all the baby’s clothes and nappies, as well as a changing table as you will definitely be using this a lot. Try not to buy too much as if you only have a small room you will find it difficult to fit all the items in. The last thing you want is at 2am when you have finally got your little one settled, to walk into a piece of furniture and wake them up again.

You may find that furniture is easier to come by than you first thought and you could actually save yourself a huge amount of money with freebies. Family members who have resigned on the idea of having any more children so have a Moses basket or your old crib from when you were a baby could still be in great condition. With a lick of paint you could create a new looking piece of furniture, so make sure you ask around before you go furniture shopping.


Once the walls are painted and the furniture has been erected from its flat pack state, the really fun part is next. Adding little touches around the room can make the bedroom personal to your new addition and your family. For instance, add stickers to the walls of animals and pictures which the baby can look at. Bright colours are great for these types of decorations as it will stimulate the baby’s brain.

You could also add pictures of your family to the walls so that the faces become familiar and comforting. A lovely touch is to have a photo on canvas which you can hang up. This could be of you and your partner with the new born, or perhaps a family photo. This will become something the baby is familiar with, and as the child grows they will want to keep it as a comforting picture.

Soft Extras

We all know that babies are delicate and therefore adding soft extras throughout the room can create a snug room that the boy or girl will find easy to rest in. Soft toys, blankets and furniture covers are ideal to create this look. For instance, once the baby starts crawling there will be no stopping them, so covering the legs of furniture could prevent injuries.

This post was written by Amy Bennett who thoroughly enjoyed decorating a bedroom for her triplets last year. She ordered a canvas from Custom Canvas and was amazed with their swift delivery and the great quality of the product.