Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Men we shouldn't fancy but do ~ The Hairy Bikers

A couple of years ago I wrote a couple of posts about men who, on paper, don't appear to be fanciable (e.g. Eddie Izzard and Jack Black). They're not traditionally handsome, or have an amazing physique, but there's just something about them that is very, very attractive, or at least I think so anyway. I suppose what I'm saying is that they have fantastic personalities.

FINAL HB Great Curries_CROP
 The Hairy Bikers website
I've always liked the Hairy Bikers, and apart from enjoying their cookery programmes and their books they both seem like really lovely blokes. Really decent, good-humoured, would do anything for a friend sort of blokes, and I bet they're great fun at parties. But I have to admit to having a bit of a crush on Si - there's a touch of the Viking about him, and that's always an attractive quality in a man. Did I ever tell you about my boyfriend known as The Viking from years back? A great big hunk of a man he was. Oh, happy days...

I've had this post in draft for months, and only remembered about it when I saw Dave Myers dancing on the new series of Strictly Come Dancing at the weekend.

Awww, you've got to love Dave - he's not the world's most natural dancer by any means, but my God he's having a go and by all accounts he's having a great time too. Who cares what the judges say: vote for Dave!

Anyway, here's the link of him with his partner Karen Hauer strutting his stuff on Strictly last weekend. Bless.

Go on, who do you have a secret crush on?