Saturday, 23 November 2013

Big changes ahead!

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Good grief it's been a BUSY few weeks!

I've hardly had time to update the blog, and I've let things slide a little bit on the social media front too - but I have good reason...

I recently wrote about how I'd made a major decision after months of unhappiness, and the decision was to resign from my job.

I'd been there for 8.5 years, most of it happily, but for the past year or so had felt far less contented. I think it's fair to say that a large part of my recent bout of depression was linked to that and so I decided it was time to leave.

Of course it's a much bigger decision to leave a steady, permanent job when you're over fifty as I am. The job market shrinks quite remarkably once you hit that mid-century as most employers immediately think you're past it, and anyway why would they want to employ someone who's going to retire in a few years time?

But the thing is nowadays people are having to retire at much later ages, and for me that means working until I'm 66 (unless I win the lottery or meet a rich man who wants to look after me) which is another 13 years of work. I inwardly groaned as I wrote that last sentence.

So, I've been busy casting my net far and wide to find a new job....and I landed one! I'm leaving the world of education to work for a fantastic children's charity - a job offer that came completely out of the blue. (I'll write more about how it happened in a later post).

I start on Monday, and I'm feeling nervous and excited all at once. Nervous because it's something new for me and I'm going to be a bit out of my comfort zone initially (okay, quite a lot if I'm honest) and excited for the same reasons - I need to prove to myself that I can do the job even though it's going to be a massive challenge.

I must admit to have already had pangs of nostalgia about working with the children in school and also about the ten minute commute (add another hour on for the new job) but I needed to shake things up a bit and take a risk. It may well come crashing down about my ears, but what the hell - sometimes you have to take a chance to see what's what.

The decision to resign wasn't one I took lightly but I think it has already been worth it. Almost immediately I felt a massive change - I felt happier, like the weight of despair has lifted completely, and I can already sense some of my old confidence coming back. Time will tell of course but in the meantime, wish me luck!

Have you made any risky decisions that paid off? Left a comfortable job for a new one? Or done something else that, on paper, sounds crazy? Do tell...

p.s. Oh, and even though I haven't blogged very much I was very pleased to be contacted by the BBC News Magazine recently to write an open letter to my girls about sexting - click here to see my letter along with a few others.