Friday, 1 November 2013

Review: the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

We were lucky enough to be sent a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 to review this month.

It was our first experience of using a Samsung tablet and we've been mightily impressed. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is a 7" WiFi tablet with 8GB of memory. The memory can be expanded to 64GB by using the micro SD card and connecting to a compatible computer via a USB port.

It runs on the Google Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) operating system, which might mean something to you but means nothing at all to me.  If that's the sort of thing you like to know, you can see the specifications here but I'm just going to tell you what we thought of it.

Both of my daughters have been using it since it arrived and they've enjoyed using some of the apps. The Teenager has been using the Youtube app to watch music videos and Tall Daughter has been personalising the Flipboard app to follow blogs and read celebrity news. She's also been busy using Learning Hub to download (free) Spanish and French apps to help with her homework.

Pretty much anything you need in a tablet is there, and once connected to WiFi they can browse the internet, play games, listen to music or watch videos to their hearts' content. It's a really handy size, ideal for smaller hands, and I've found it a very useful second tablet to have around the house which means I can use our other one for chatting on twitter more important stuff.

What we like:

It's compact and lightweight and easy to hold. Is it possible to say it's quite good-looking? Because that's how I want to describe it.
The screen appears bright and clear, colours are vivid and it's user friendly. Even I knew how to use it straight out of the box, which is impressive let me tell you.
The camera is high-res and we have used it to take some good quality photos and videos.
It has all the usual apps you would expect from a tablet.
The battery life is good which is vague, I know, but we used it for several hours before needing to recharge it.
The price (£159.99).

In a nutshell: we like it. I think its beauty is the low price (relatively speaking) compared to other tablets which could make it an ideal Christmas present.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is available at Currys. To see their full range of tablets click here.