Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The early Christmas bird catches all the festive worms ~ featured post

Christmas time is creeping closer and you know what that means… time to run those Christmas errands so that when the 25th is upon us you’ll be able to enjoy the festivities!

As parents there are a multitude of tasks and chores that we have to perform before the big day arrives, why leave everything to the last minute? Here is a list of the chores that you can complete before Christmas and why you should finish them before the festivities begin.

Planning Ahead
Deciding what it is exactly that you should do to prepare for Christmas can be a difficult task in itself, but as parents it’s our duty to persevere so that we can enjoy the festivities as much as our children do.

When you’re deciding which tasks to prioritise in order to prepare for Christmas you should ask yourself two questions; what MUST I get done at least 10 days before Christmas and what would I like to get done in the same time?

By asking yourself these questions you can essentially narrow down the chores or tasks that are important to complete early and the tasks that you would like to complete early but don’t have to as they are less of a priority.

Three Simple Tasks

1. Christmas Food
The traditional Christmas dinner is considered to be one of the most important parts of Christmas – this means that you should stock up on your frozen food and dried or packaged goodies before the Christmas rush ensuring that you have everything you need for the big day.

2. Purchasing Presents
It’s undeniable that if your family are not able to make it to your Christmas celebrations, it can be one of the worst scenarios, but we also know of one worse. Not being able to purchase the presents that your children want but believe they need can be one of the most frustrating scenarios for a parent to encounter.
Not only will your child be sorely disappointed due to the fact that they haven’t received the gift that they wanted, as a parent we also tend to blame ourselves for any unhappiness that the child suffers; to prevent this from happening we suggest that you hit the shops as early as you can.

3. Week of Wrapping
One of the most tedious tasks and often the most complex is the wrapping of gifts. Depending upon the amount of gifts that you have purchased and the number of people that you have provided presents for, this process could last you an entire week. It’s because of the extensive amount of time that is spent wrapping that we suggest you complete this task in advance to prevent boredom during the festive period.

There are a number of reasons as to why it’s better for you and for your family if you complete these tasks as early as possible, but there are some reasons that are more important than others. Christmas is a time when the family come together to celebrate not only what they already have, but what they have given each other and the time that they can spend with one another.

If you are not completing these tasks early for yourself so that you can enjoy the celebrations and let your hair down, you should do it for your children. Spend the spare time with your children, play
festive games with them, watch their nativity play or just help them colour in a picture. There is nothing you will regret more in life as a parent than wasting the time that you were given to spend with your children.

By spending this time with your children you can guarantee the best and most enjoyable Christmas with your family, and also your friends.

However, keep in mind that although you are the mother, it is not your job to complete every job possible. Mothers have it hard enough as it is without having to complete 102 tasks too – rope your partner in to your plans as it means that all tasks will be completed twice as fast.

Author: Simon Calvin works at UK Christmas World, so he understands just how busy the festive period can be. When Simon isn’t playing Santa he can be found motivating the rest of the team and making sure his own household is ready for Christmas.