Friday, 1 November 2013

Tongue in chic: how to give your bedroom a makeover in five easy steps

I don't know about you, but I didn't know Carpetright sold beds. You neither? Well, here's a featured post with details of their range of metal bed frames.


With our bedrooms being the one area of the home that is kept as a secret solace to relax in, finding ways to make it chic and downright fashionable are essential.

Here we look at five steps you can take to create a chic bedroom, using a metal bed frame as the main feature.

1. Be Central
Spatial restrictions often dictate where we can place large pieces of furniture, like the bed, but choosing a central position can be really beneficial.

Place your bed centrally in the room to really make a feature of it or frame it between windows, fireplaces and other features in the room. A Carpetright metal bed frame looks stunning as a focal point, especially when it sits centrally along a wall.

Tucson bed frame

2. Choose a Theme
The idea of ‘chic’ covers many different avenues and ideas, so you need to pick a theme before you begin decorating.

If you opt for traditional, then dress your bed with lots of scatter cushions and layered fabrics (you’ll want a combination of thin sheets and drapes and thicker blankets). For a modern style, opt for a simpler combination of duvets and blankets or throws in striking colours and patterns.

3. Keep it Clear
Chic styles are clean and clear so make sure your bedroom isn’t bogged down with clutter. Keep colours light and bright – a combination of white and pale tones works well – and opt for a few choice accessories such as a small bedside table and single tone rug.

Remember to keep this style going through the bed by opting for bed linen that uses one or two complementary colours and keeping cushions and throws simple and elegant.

Rochelle metal bed frame
Rochelle metal bed

4. Be Pretty as a Picture
While modern chic styles revolve around minimalism it is important to remember that accessories add warmth to a room. Keep your trinkets minimal but add photographs or artwork to the walls to introduce character.

Black and white photography can convey this sense of style better than colour but you might also want to experiment with sepia prints. Sketched artwork and water colours also offer a soft and sensuous stylistic element which is perfect. Place artwork above the bed to draw more attention here.

5. Light and Dark
While light colours are a key component of chic room designs, that doesn’t mean there is no room for colour. Use a combination of light and dark to add stunning depth to your room, introducing darker shades through accessories such as bed linen.

Rosette bed frame