Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Featured: How to be a cool mum - without embarrassing your kids

This is a guest post

No one wants to admit it, but being cool is something that most mums aspire to. Unfortunately, it’s a very fine line to tread: if you seem like you’re trying too hard, it could end up backfiring and turn you into an embarrassing spectacle rather than a suave and charming role model.

Luckily, being cool isn’t rocket science. You just have to be yourself, try not to try too hard and follow a few of these tips.

Keep your distance
Savoir Peplum Leather JacketYou might think that making suggestive comments about handsome celebs will make you seem like ‘one of the girls’, but it’s more likely to leave your children red faced. One crucial step to becoming a cool mum is acknowledging that gap between yourself and your children, no matter how grown up they are.

Become a dedicated follower of fashion
In your quest to become cool, spare a thought for poor dad. One survey has revealed that most teenagers are embarrassed by their fathers. Bad fashion sense is one of the main reasons, so make sure you don’t fall into the same trap. Although you shouldn’t dress too young for your age, it’s worth throwing in a few stylish pieces: try an on-trend leather jacket or some Ugg boots. Pay attention to this season’s trends - even if you wouldn't wear them, throwing this knowledge into a casual conversation is sure to impress.

Forget about Facebook
It doesn’t matter how cool you are, adding your child on Facebook is a sure-fire way to embarrass them. Telling them off for swearing, posting their baby photos and sharing your own observations will probably leave your kids exasperated. Give them their own cyberspace and pick your battles.

One of the coolest things you can do as a parent is to listen to and respect your children. They should feel like they can come to you with any problem, without being judged or shouted at. Take their opinions into consideration when it comes to quality time, too: listen to their recommendations for venues to visit and you’ll soon find that they look forward to spending time with you.