Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Ultimate Christmas Eve for Kids and Families - featured post

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It’s not until you have children yourself that you remember just how special Christmas Eve can be. You may be transported back to your time as a child yourself, sitting around the Christmas tree watching a festive movie with your parents, or baking gingerbread men to decorate with icing and sweets. Whatever you may have done as a child, when your own children come along, it’s time to dig out those traditions once again, or make your own. After all, the excitement of Christmas doesn’t start on Christmas morning – there’s plenty of room for festive family fun before then, too!

Here are some ideas to make Christmas Eve as special as possible so that, when it comes to bedtime, your children are thoroughly excited and ready for the morning to come!

Make some Reindeer Food
After all, they get peckish too and it’s only Rudolph that ever usually gets a look in! Make a sachet of reindeer food with your little ones that they could sprinkle in the back garden ready for when the reindeers arrive. A mix of edible glitter and oats usually makes a wholesome, yet twinkly, treat.

Laugh and Learn Dance and Play PuppyChristmas Eve Gifts
Many families choose to incorporate gift giving into their Christmas Eve routine. A package that includes some new festive pyjamas, a Christmas movie or festive book and some snuggly slippers, would be perfect. Alternatively, you could let the children open one gift from beneath the tree just before they go to bed – something cuteand cuddly like the Dance & Play Puppy that they could take to bed with them, or something practical like a warming dressing gown would go down a storm.

Christmas Eve Movie Marathon
The kids have broken up from school and, unless you’ve had some decent snowfall, the weather outside isn’t delightful. Instead, create some fun indoors with a festive movie marathon. Let your kids choose a couple of favourite films, wrap yourselves up in a snuggly blanket and settle down to enjoy some films that will help to get you all into the spirit of things.

Make Festive Snacks
Whether you’re watching festive movies or not, you’re bound to need some snacks to keep the energy up! Festive popcorn with a sprinkling of cinnamon, or some homemade gingerbread that can be decorated by the youngsters, usually go down a treat.

Christmas Eve is all about fun as a family – make the most out of the festive period and remember that the excitement doesn’t all have to be just on the one day!