Sunday, 5 January 2014

The January garden ~ battered around the edges

My poor garden. It's been a bit very neglected over the past couple of months.

I admit to being a bit of a fair-weather gardener - I can't be doing with gardening in the rain or freezing cold, and the dark nights don't help so there's been very little work happening out there.

But once Christmas is over I like to have a little potter around and start clearing the winter wreckage in time for spring - but this time, the damage is worse than usual. My lovely bamboo pergola was damaged in the gale force winds we had a couple of weeks ago, and because we live on a hill my garden took a right battering. Quite a few pots and bits and pieces were also thrown around the garden and some are now at the opposite side to where they started.

Yesterday I spent an hour or so tidying up, and I'll be doing the same again today although I'm going to need some help with the pergola.

 What's happening in your garden? Did yours get damaged by the high winds or were you luckier than us?