Friday, 28 February 2014

The garden in February: Signs of spring

And breathe....

I don't know where the time has gone, but I've neglected the blog over the past few months. Blame the new job, the long commute and the dark nights, but in the evening all I've wanted to do is to curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea and watch endless episodes of The Killing. I love a bit of Scandi Noir telly.

Anyway, after getting past the three month probationary period in the new job and them deciding they want me to stay (hurrah!) I decided to ask for a shorter week, so as of two weeks ago I'm now working four days a week and it feels much more manageable.

The winter is nearly over too, and that always makes a big difference. Everybody's mood seems to lift with the first signs of spring and this year is no exception.

But all of a sudden it's the last day of February and I can't put it off any longer....I have to try and repair some of the damage done in the garden over the winter. The strong winds and heavy rain has left it in a bit of a mess, but even though it's taken a battering I love the way there are already some signs of spring and splashes of colour around.

Rockery daffodils


Japanese quince


Hellebores and birdbath

And it's not just in the garden, there are signs everywhere: the sound of ducks back on the pond behind our garden; the nights are drawing out again and the birdsong has returned. I love this time of year, it always feels so full of promise.

There's a lot of pruning, tidying and planting to do over the next few weeks so I'm going to be busy. What are you doing in the garden?

I'm joining up with the linky over on Mammasaurus' blog again, it's been a while, but there's always lots of garden gorgeousness to see over there, just click on the badge below.

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