Saturday, 22 March 2014

How to impress your mum with Paperchase

I have a real soft spot for Paperchase. In fact, it's probably the only shop that me and my two girls can all agree on when we go shopping. Definitely a favourite to browse in and we always see something we like. I've lost count of the cards, glasses cases (lots of those) and stationery we've bought over the years and what with all the gorgeous notebooks, photo frames and wrapping paper I've always found it a great place for presents, particularly quirky little stocking fillers.

There's something for all ages, so the perfect place to find the right pressie for Mother's Day. And just in case I happen to be your Mum I quite like this and this. *Cough*

They also have a funny and actually quite touching ad campaign out for Mother's Day. Got to love the sight of the heavily tattooed hand applying glitter.

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