Friday, 7 March 2014

Mother's Day presents plus win 2 tickets to the Country Living Spring Fair

I'm been sent a few items to review recently, and it occurred to me that they would all make lovely Mother's Day pressies.

First up, I was sent this gorgeous personalised mug from Emma Bridgewater pottery. People who know me will know that I can be extremely a bit fussy about my tea, it has to be just right and that includes choosing the right mug. I'm not a cup and saucer type of girl and I bet I'm not the only one who has a favourite mug for their tea, am I? From a practical point of view this one is just the right size and feels nice and robust, and most importantly the handle is perfectly shaped for holding the mug comfortably. It's my new favourite mug.

Emma Bridgewater personalised mug

The Cut Flower Patch by Louise Curley (published by Frances Lincoln) is a gorgeously illustrated book and perfect for anyone who loves having fresh flowers on display at home (don't we all?)

Learn how to make your own cut flower patch, as well as finding materials in your own garden and local hedgerows.

I keep dipping into it - it's bursting with beautiful photos, practical gardening advice, and hints and tips on how to have floral displays all year round.

The Cut Flower Patch book

Of course, it's takes time to get a cut flower patch going, so in the meantime we still need flower deliveries and who doesn't like seeing a florist's van pull up outside the house and realise they're delivering to you? I know I never tire of getting a bouquet. 

I must admit that I had a bit of fun with this one though, sent to me by the lovely people at Flowers UK, because they arrived just as I was getting home from work and my girls were intrigued. "Who are they from, Mum?"  "Can we read the card?" "Do you have an admirer?" I was a bit naughty and kept them guessing for a while before they realised the truth, but you never know, one day...

Designer Flowers
Tall Daughter with my lovely bouquet

Country Living MagazineAnd finally I have two complimentary tickets for the Country Living Magazine Spring Fair, which takes place from 19-23 March in the Business Design Centre, London which sounds like a lovely day out, and perfect to spend with your mum.

There will be plenty of ideas for your home and garden with an array of carefully selected exhibitors, from small producers to craftspeople from across the British Isles with jewellery and fashion collections, sample delicious regional fare and discover furniture, fabrics and accessories to add country style to your home.

If you'd like to win the two tickets please leave a comment saying so (along with your email address or twitter name) and I'll put your name in the hat! I'll choose a winner at 9am Friday 14th March and will get them in the post the same day. 
Country Living Magazine Spring Fair

Whatever you're doing for Mother's Day this year, I hope you all enjoy doing something special with your mum.

Disclosure: I was sent these items for review purposes, but words and opinions are my own.